So my time in Turkey occurred 5 years ago. Seriously — where does the time go? A few years ago I posted that I was going to Azerbaijan on a Fulbright scholarship, and now I’ve managed to secure another international adventure for myself: I’m going to Dushanbe, Tajikistan as a Boren Fellow! Still in disbelief […]

So. Almost an entire year has gone by since my last post. I’ve kept up on Turkish news, watching the various protests, social media bans, government election drama, and most recently the mine disaster. I find it funny how this place has almost become an obsession for me. Turkey and the greater Turkic region has […]

I started this draft a LONG while ago, like when I still in Turkey. It got lost in the shuffle, of course, but in light of recent developments, I decided to dig this up. The original title was “Politics at ODTÜ,” but I’ve broadened it, because politics, in some shape or form, is a fairly […]

Several weeks ago I was asked to speak with a study abroad group at my home university to give them some pointers and answer questions. Being the crazy person I am, I typed up a little packet for them with basic words, phrases, and culture tips. I thought to myself, “What information did I wish […]

As I’m currently back home in the mire of work, homework, projects, and deadlines, I can’t help but continually reflect on my time in Turkey. I don’t want to say “dwell,” because that can have negative connotations (like being stuck in the past and can’t move on), but I do think about Turkey on a […]

I have been home a little over two months now, and they have flown by at an alarming rate. I know I said before that I wanted to add more to this blog and some of you have been giving me grief that I haven’t tied it up. I totally agree with you, it bothers […]

Despite having a crazy, chaotic day filled with packing, cleaning up my space in the dorm, taking a final, picking up a package that finally arrived from family, and seeing my awesome friends one last time, I have to take a moment to be still. Still and quiet….to be as peaceful as possible….and maybe to […]